An Essential Tool For Your Email Marketing - The New Icontact Iphone Application


iContact have created a great tool for internet marketers on the go. With their new iContact iPhone application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, you can have all of the features of one of the best email marketing services in the business at your fingertips. In a few taps, you can add new clients to your mailing list, send email marketing messages and track their results easily. If you are looking for top apple ios app shnapshot paid reviews online or websites android and iOS apps you can contact by clicking on above link.


iContact is one of the top choices for email marketing and autoresponders, and their new iPhone application means that they are now an even more attractive choice.

The app makes email marketing on the move very quick and easy. For example, if you are at a meeting or other business event, the app allows you to add new customers straight to your email marketing mailing lists or you can add them directly from your iPhone address book.

iContact have acknowledged that the purpose of the iPhone is to enable you to be able to do business wherever you are, instead of just at the office. Therefore their application means that you do not have to be stuck at your desk; it allows you to draft emails on your iPhone and then preview them before deciding to send them. Once you have decided that you have written the perfect marketing message, you can send it instantly or schedule it to send at any time in the future.

However, what is really exciting about this clever iContact iPhone application is that after your marketing message has been sent, it allows you to track message bounces and see how many people have clicked on or opened your message and how many have unsubscribed - all in real time. The graphical results are presented very clearly and simply, allowing you to quickly analyse your data. You can then share your email marketing analytics with anyone you like by forwarding it to them in a well-presented message format.

The iContact iPhone application is extremely user friendly, however if you do ever encounter any issues with iContact, their full customer service is available through their iPhone app - you can call or email their Support team with just one tap of your iPhone or iPod Touch.

iContact is one of the best autoresponders on the market, offering handy tools such as 'whitelisting' and spam checking of email contacts to help them get past spam filters. It also assists users in the creation of surveys which can provide client feedback and make potential customers feel valued. The new iContact iPhone application is another great feature of an already impressive product.