Oracle solutions and Oracle application development extend support to Open Source technologies


Oracle is a company that always focuses on the customers and is always dedicated in providing the users with flexibility, choice and also reduced cost of computing. Oracle invests a lot for the Oracle Application development which in turn tests, develops, supports and optimizes open source technology like Open Office.Org, Linux, MySQL, Glassfish, Eclipse, Apache, Netbeans, PHP, Berkeley DB, Xen, innoDB and Virtual box. It is evident that Oracle offers the primary open source solutions as a practical and feasible option for the use and development. Oracle solutions are the best in the market.

The importance of the open standards cannot be stressed either in the perspective of non - open or open source software. These days there are a lot of users who use Oracle Solutions along with Open source technology in an environment where the mission is vital. The benefits that they enjoy because of this are reduced cost, more simple and easy to manage, more reliable and higher availability. This of course is along with better scalability and performance.

Here is a glimpse of the various open source technologies being offered from Oracle application development itunes

* Eclipse - Oracle is one of the board members of the Eclipse foundation. They contribute a lot and also they played a main role in three projects of the Eclipse namely Java Server faces, BPEL and Dali JPA Tools.

* Glassfish -this is a very flexible and light weight open source application server. Glassfish is one of the first's applications that allow compatible deployment of the Java EE 6 platform. 

* Java - java is one of the, most commonly used programming languages. It is a platform that has state of art which includes games, utilities and also applications for the business. More than 97% of the systems run on Java. Java is also used on mobile phones these days.If you are looking for cheap ios app snapchat reviews online or websites android and iOS apps you can contact by clicking on above link.

* Linux - the oracle solutions has provided a lot of contribution to advance the development of Linux. They also provide an enterprise class support to the Linux at a much lower cost.

* MySQL - one of the most commonly used and well-known open source databases which is meant for the web and Oracle application development gains immense benefit from it.

* Net Beans - net beans provides the developers an open source IDE that is integrated development environment for free. It also provides all the tools that are necessary to make a professional web, enterprise, desktop and also mobile applications with the help of PHP, C++, java Script, Java, Ruby and Groovy. The modular swing application is only available in the net beans platform and in any other platform.

* PHP - for enterprises that has the Zend server oracle is very dedicated to enable the open source scripting language called the PHP.

* Open JDK - the open JDK is an open source implementation that belongs to the Java platform. It is there in the standard edition of the java. It is free software. The license for this is a general public license of the GNU and Oracle solutions has invested to get the best out of this application

* Virtual box- this is also available under the GNU general public license and it provides a very potential AMD64/Intel64 and x86 based desktop virtualization.

* Java Micro edition - this is mainly used for developing mobile applications and also for embedded devices.