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Are you looking for a calm, hassle free vacation this summer? Here are ten places in India you can go for you summer 2017 vacation.


Every summer, motorcyclists from India and world gather in and around Delhi, Srinagar or Manali to embark on adventurous trip to Ladakh by road. Manali - Leh Highway is the favorite among the thrill seekers.


For backpackers it's the quaint, serene hippie towns in the outskirts - Malana being the most popular one - and for long term adventure seekers, it serves as base for gearing up and getting ready before venturing out to conquer the trans Himalayan terrains and undertake trekking and road trips to Leh, Spiti and beyond.


It is known as the birthplace of Yoga, the phenomenon that has caught the attention of people's imagination around the world. Rishikesh is Uttarakhand is the hub for Yoga and meditation in India.


Established as a retreat from the scorching heat of summer by British in then Madras, Ooty is still pervaded by a distinct colonial charm. The ride to this tiny hamlet of Raj era countryside in India is on a toy train (The Nilgiris Mountain Railways), which recreates the romance of bygone century, the scenery is stunning and it's best if you have managed to get seat on the left-hand side.


Every summer till the last years of Raj, the entire East India Company and the government took refuge from sweltering heat of Delhi in cool and lush environs of Shimla. Construction of the Kalka-Shimla narrow gauge (now toy train) in 1903 cemented Shimla's status as one of the leading hill stations of India.


With jagged peaks of magnificent Himalayas offering spectacular panorama - you could even see the peak of Mount Kanchendzonga - Darjeeling is the place to be to savor unruffled luxury and to rejuvenate your senses.


Himachal Pradesh's most irresistible destination; a second home of mountain lovers, mostly foreigners, Dharamsala shines in the lights of spirituality enveloped in a Tibetan mist. Being the land of Dalai Lama and his entourage, the region has religion prospered in this floundering Himalayan topography; much to lure foreign celebrities (Uma Thurman and Richard Gere) to seek solace in Buddhist traditions.


Mussorie in the state of Uttarakhand is called as the queen of hills. Fair enough for a region which like an authority welcomes the first glimpses of the snow covered Himalayan trenches for travelers running to escape the city heat of the summers. Particularly for the ones traveling from Delhi; being the closest hill station to the capital.


Himachal Pradesh talks about Kullu and it doesn't stop talking then. The talk starts with the cradle of Kullu; Pir Panjal in one direction, Paravati and Barabhangal ranges in the other and then it shifts to the nearby mountain villages that rise above paddy fields, thick alpine forests and snowy ridges.


From the windows the sight of the beautiful lake and the surrounding Himalayas rising above the green forests says about the beauty of Nainital on its own. In order to admire this beauty of the region, mark the summer months as your holiday time. Summer temperature stays moderate with a cool breeze to make the evening sightseeing plans really wonderful.

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